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Water2table Fish Company has been an industry leader in San Francisco's fishing community for the last decade. Located on Pier 45 at Fisherman's Wharf, we are one of the only local receivers of sustainably harvested, hook and line seafood from the California Coast. Without small receivers and distributors like us, many of these fisherpeople would have no market for their product.

This is a particularly fragile time for our industry and our local fishery is more vulnerable than ever. With restaurants shuttered as a consequence of COVID-19, our Bay Area independent fishing fleet is in serious peril. From a food security standpoint, it is imperative we continue to support this fishery and keep their boats running. Without them, we lose access to a vital protein source and the thousands of jobs that come with it.

In supporting Water2table Fish Company, your dollars go directly to our local fishing community, and helping  preserve our precious resources for generations to come. 

Every dollar you spend keeps our employees working, their families eating and our fishers fishing. 


What makes Water2table's seafood different from the supermarket or farmer's market? 

Well, it starts on the water. We pay our local fishermen more money to catch fish utilizing, bespoke low-impact fishing methods, followed by slush icing and bleeding their fish. Many are day boats, meaning we're landing fish less than 12 hours out of the water. Preserving this cold chain makes a huge difference. Most California Halibut on the market , for instance, comes off of trawl boats at a fraction of the price of hook and line fish. Or worse, from Mexican net boats fishing trucked to San Diego without proper cold storage. Let me tell you, the quality shows.

Unlike most of our peers, we repack all our whole, uncut fish in large bins of crushed ice in our 38F walk-in cooler. It is here that we hand cut our fish every morning, hand-sort every bag of clams and mussels, pack and process each order that same morning. 

Did you know that a fish fillet has 50% of the shelf-life of whole? Oxygen, temperature and freshwater are the major killers of fresh fish. See those fillets behind the counter at the supermarket? They were cut days ago.


We service customers Monday to Saturday for delivery, shipping and pickup. Orders must be received by 9pm for next day service. 

You'll receive a confirmation email once your order is placed. However, please note that your order total is subject to change based on availability and final cut weight. We will manually adjust final weights that morning prior to payment processing.

Preorders can be placed two days prior to the closing of the service period. Feel free to email us directly with any special requests. When ordering, please note that our wild availability changes based the tides, weather, season, demand and, well, luck.  Keep an eye on our availability and let us know if you have any questions or requests.

We deliver as far north as Healdsburg and Calistoga, East to Brentwood and Livermore and as far south as Los Gatos.  Our fees are as follows: 

Delivery fee is $5.00 for orders over $100.00; or $15.00 or orders less than $100.00

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We're thrilled to have you here. Thank you for your interest and support.